Nursery School - 2016 Extra-Mural Prize Giving

For the children who participate in the extra mural activities at the school, the last two weeks have seen all the coaches gather their 'best shots' and, with the presence of the parents who came to watch, allow some awesome displays of acquired skills from the various programmes.

We at Bramley Nursery School wish to thank all the coaches for their dedication, patience and understanding, while training the children in the various activities and making learning truly a fun and exciting experience. The skills that the children gain from these activities are invaluable life skills, and are not only physical for the body, but all of the activites boast mental stimulation and life skills development.

Soccersize Stars, Tumbling Tigerz, Bulid-em Brix and Liora's Ballet Class are all featured in the images below.

We wish the instructors and coaches a well deserved rest over the coming holiday and look forward to another fantastic year in 2017!