Fun Fashion Day 2016

Fun Fashion Day 2016 - Bramley Nursery School

The Bramley Nursery School held our Fun Fashion Day on 28th October 2016. This is an annual event in which we ask that the children get dressed up for the day with only one request - "anything goes". This usually ensures that we have a very interesting turn-out for the day.

This year we were graced with the presence of mainly all the 'good' characters mainly. Wizards, princesses and angels turned out in their best suits to make it a magical day, whilst - in case of any danger - Ben10, Spiderman AND Superman were present so that all would work out alright. Lets not foget the butterflies, mice and other softer creatures.

Well done to all our pre-schoolers (and the somewhat camera-shy teachers) for their imaginations - we hope you all had fun!

Have a look at the gallery of some of the highlights of the day!